About Us

Amjay Ropes & Twines Limited was established in 1978 and is a leading supplier of agricultural and industrial products for North America.


Our team of experienced professionals works every day in order to assure that we provide you with consistent quality products and the highest level of Customer Service. 

Parent company Cotesi, Companhia de Têxteis Sintéticos, S.A., founded in 1967, was the forerunner in Europe in the production of twine, nets and ropes made from synthetic and natural raw materials. Today, COTESI is the world´s largest producer of Baler Twine.


A subsidiary of one of Portugal´s strongest companies, Violas SGPS, and with over four decades of activity, the company has accumulated vast experience and tradition in the domestic and international markets. With a global presence, COTESI is today the premier world player in distribution and supply channels, with strong units in Europe (Portugal, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and France) and North America (U.S.A and Canada).

A pioneer in its field, Cotesi´s proactive technical innovation and constant research and development define the company´s success. Cotesi´s “Quality Management System” is certified by APCER – Portuguese Association of Certification, including design, development and production of wires, ropes, nets and nautical cables, using synthetic and natural raw materials.