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Sheeting / Bunker covers

Sheeting / Bunker covers

Amjay offers quality Agricultural Plastics and Coverings to protect, help maximize Forage and improve your efficiency.
  • Advantages
    • The white/black film's white surface reflects light energy and the black layer provides 100% opacity.
    • The free-fall folded one-piece cover does not require sealing or taping, saving time and increasing your productivity.
    • High strength at the folds results in reduced punctures, tears, and performance issues. 
  • Technical Informations
    • Available in 5 mil, 6 mil and 8 mil thickness
    • Black and white
    • Guaranteed UV Stability for 12 months
    • Manufactured of the highest quality materials and subject to stringent quality controls
    • Other sizes available upon request (certain minimums may apply)