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Silage Film

Silage Film

This product is suitable for round and square bales and available in various reel widths. The optional nutritional value of fodder will be preserved by using high quality silage film in the right conditions. Tight tolerances and the use of first-class raw materials only, ensure maximal conservation and, simultaneously, save time and money in the wrapping process.
  • Advantages
    • Manufactured using the highest quality raw materials on the market
    • Blown, co-extruded film. Reliable, strong and durable with consistent quality
    • Excellent adhesive strength. High tack level and long life ensures trouble-free wrapping
    • Minimum gas permeability
    • Maintains consistent appearance during and after wrapping
    • High resistance to perforation
    • UV stabilized
    • Recyclable high-resistance plastic tubes
  • Technical Informations

    20 x 6000 ft (1800m) - 1 mil
    30 x 5000 ft (1500m) - 1 mil 
    30 x 4100 ft ( 1250m) - 1.2mil 
    30 x 5000 ft ( 1500m) - 5 layer - Ultra 5


    • Available in white and green.

    Up on request.