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Cotesi is a leading producer and distributor of sisal twine, with production facilities in Portugal. Sisal Fibre as a natural fibre can play a very important role in environmental protection as a substitute for other synthetic products. The fibre bio-degrades naturally into the soil and thus does not require removal from the field by the farmer and it can also be ingested by animals without any health hazard.
  • Advantages
    • Uniform twine thickness
    • Guaranteed minimum tensiles strength
    • Knot and amendment free
    • Treated to resist rotting, mould, insects and rodents
  • Technical Informations
    • Grand Harvest 7200 (Gold/Green)
    • Grand Harvest 9000 (Gold/Green)
    • Grand Harvest 16000 (Gold/Green)
    • Enviro Friend 16000 (Untreated)

    *References available upon request.