Back to the origins: Sisal products

Published Wednesday, 4 March 2020

  • Back to the origins: Sisal products

Cotesi is the world's largest producer and distributor of sisal twine.

This raw material is once again highlighted in international markets due not only to climate change and the need to replace plastic, but also due to the resurgence of cultures that require a natural product for its packaging.

 As an organization born from sisal twine and rope - natural fiber, Cotesi has never left its origins and continues to promote this 100% natural, ecological and environmentally friendly solution, both for agricultural or marine applications.

In agricultural applications, sisal twine works as a natural substitute for synthetic products. Easily incorporated into the soil, sisal doesn’t require its removal from the fields by the farmer and can be ingested by animals without any health hazard.

In marine applications, traditional sisal ropes guarantee good abrasion resistance and low elongation, are bio degradable and non-polluting, and are excellent for classic old fashion ships.

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